The Hotel Paisano offers a variety of rooms and suites, from Original Historic Rooms with a single queen sized bed, to the Rock Hudson Suite, a one bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment.

Rock Hudson Suite

 1 Bed  1.5 Bathrooms

Elizabeth Taylor Suite

1 Bed 1 Bathroom

James Dean Room

 1 Bed  1 Bathroom

Dennis Hopper Suite

2 Beds 2 Bathrooms

Mini & Full Suites

 1-2 Beds  1 Bathroom

Deluxe Historic Rooms

 1-2 Beds  1 Bathroom

Mezzanine Rooms

 1-2 Beds  1 Bathroom

Mezzanine Patio Rooms

1 Bed  1 Bathroom

Original Historic

 1-2 Beds  1 Bathroom

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